In Hamburg Mann Lines is serving the HHLA Terminal CTB regularly and HHLA’s CTA and the Eurogate Terminal CTH in demand.


HHLA Terminal Burchardkai is the largest and oldest facility for container handling in the Port of Hamburg and today the terminal handles one third of all containers in the Port of Hamburg. 25 container gantry cranes work on thousands of ships that tie up annually; many hundreds of rail cars are loaded and discharged every day.


HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder is HHLA’s newest terminal and is fully computerized. The most advanced technology and innovative EDP system ensure efficient discharging and loading of large container ships. The volume of standard containers has grown steeply since the terminal was taken into service in summer, 2002.


EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg (CTH) lies at the centre of the Port of Hamburg, in Waltershof. It handled 2.1 million TEUs in 2009, currently using six large-vessel berths and 24 container cranes.


This all turns also Hamburg in a perfect turntable for container feeder traffics from and to the Baltic.